Overview of Research


Caroline Boileau and Natasha S. Reid, 2022. 

My research explores identity, artistic ways of knowing, and the power of narrative, primarily in relation to art museum and community art education. This research often showcases the stories of individuals and groups whose voices have traditionally rested on the sidelines.

I regularly work with narrative-based methodologies, such as life history research, to better understand and communicate the experiences of community and museum art educators. Such research enables practitioners to engage in deep reflective and holistic thinking that leads to better understandings of their own practices and those of their colleagues, as well as positive change within their organization. 

Additionally, my research investigates social inclusion, collaboration, and democratic practices in museum education. I have studied and piloted innovative methods for infusing a variety of publics’ artworks into galleries in an effort to make these spaces more inclusive and active. 

My work is also concerned with social justice and critical multiculturalism in art museum education, and the strength of contemporary art in engaging with these notions. For example, using oral history methodologies and critical race theory, I examined best practices in multicultural education in contemporary art museums. 



Research Projects




  • PI, Understanding Lived Museum Histories: Preparing a Teaching Art Museum Culture, National Art Education Foundation Research Grant.


  • PI, Current realities of multicultural education in contemporary art museums: Stories from art museum educators of colour, Fonds de recherche société et culture Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.

Select Publications

Garcia, C, Mitchell, C., Carter, M. R., Ezcurra, M., Reid, N., Nyariro, M. Tissenbaum, S., (2022). Arts-based interventions for sexual violence prevention: A toolkit. McGill University. https://www.mcgill.ca/definetheline/files/definetheline/a_toolkit_arts-based_interventions_for_sexual_violence_prevention_garcia_et_al._2022.pdf

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Reid, Natasha S. (2012) The Contemporary Identities of Art Museum Educators as Told through Their Life Histories. PhD thesis, Concordia University.


Select Recent Presentations

Reid, N. S. (April 2022). Art Galleries and Difficult Knowledge: Developing Safer Spaces for Engagement. 15th International Conference on the Inclusive Museum. Online.
Reid, N. S. (November 2021). The Art Hive as a Metaphor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives. Canadian Society for Education through Art. Online.
Reid, N. S. (June 2021). Making a contemporary art gallery a safer site for engaging with difficult knowledges (Video Mosaic segment). Montreal Museum of Fine Arts International Conference Art as an Agent for Change: How do Art, Museum, and Education Practices Inspire Action, Montreal, QC.

Reid, N. S. (November 2020). Directing an Art Gallery: A Pedagogue’s Perspective. Centre Turbine’s Journée pédagogique, Montreal, Quebec.  

Beavis, L, Ezcurra, L, Reid, N. S., Shariff, S. (June 2019). In/Visible: Body as Reflective Site Curators’ and IMPACTS Director Talk. Visual Arts Centre,  Montreal, Quebec.

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