Creatures of Comfort

Site-specific installation in Concordia University's EV Building



Natasha S. Reid, 2008. Photo credit: Kathleen Vaughan.


Creatures of Comfort started with an imagined narrative visualization of my ideal museum education office. This visualization was then translated into an art installation. Objects that could represent the items in the reflection were gathered and placed within a tent construction. The tent was used to symbolize my nomadic reality as a contract museum education consultant and researcher. The installation was placed outside of the gallery where I had most recently been employed. Participants were invited to enter the tent and engage with the objects. As part of this art-based inquiry, I examined the meaning behind each object chosen in relation to my lived experiences with art and museum education and my evolving philosophy and practices as an art educator and researcher. 


Associated article:

Reid, N. (2009). Creatures of comfort: Installation as reflective practice. Studies in Material Thinking, 3, 1-16. (


Natasha S. Reid, 2008

Natasha S. Reid, 2008

Natasha S. Reid, 2008